Strong Products

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Strong Products

Potassium Ferricyanide ACS: We have been making this product in ACS grade for last 20 years. While product from other manufacturers does not give clear aqueous solution, our product does not have this drawback. Also, not only, we can offer product meeting chloride specifications in ACS, we can also offer material with even less chloride if required by the buyer.

Potassium Ferrocyanide ACS: Potassium Ferrocyanide Trihydrate is also a difficult product like Potassium Ferricyanide, but we have mastered this product too.

Potassium Carbonate Anhydrous ACS: A critical parameter in ACS specifications is Sodium impurity, which should be less than 0.02%. Our product meets this specifications and we can also offer this with sodium as low as 0.005%.

Oxalic Acid Dihydrate ACS: We have been consistently making this product with iron content less than 2 ppm.

Potassium Nitrate ACS: This product has a tendency to form hard lumps. For technical product Precipitated Silica is added as an anticaking agent. But this cannot be used with ACS material, as this will give hazy solution with We have developed this product with an additive, which makes these lumps soft, which can be easily crushed.